Polynesian Creation Legends

Polynesian Creation Legends
   The Creation myths of the Polynesians show a marked similarity to those of Mangaia Island, which should be consulted. Cognate information will also be found under Akua, Ao-Kahiwahiwa, Ao-Kanapanapa, Ao-Nui, Ao-Pakakina, Ao-Pakarea, Ao-Potango, Ao-Pouri, Ao-Roa, Ao-Takawe, Ao-Toto, Ao-Whekere, Ao-Whetuma, Apu-Hau, Apu-Matangi, Avaiki, Hawaiki, Hina, Io, Kiho Tumu, Knpua, Marae, Matao-Anu, Mate-Anu, Maui, Multitude of Space, Oro, Orongo, Paikea, Pele, Sina, Tawhaki, Tawhiri, Waitiri, Whakarere-Anu, Whakatoro-Anu, Where-Ao. Other myths are given under Easter Island, Gilbert Islands, Ngani-Vatu, Poua-Kai, Society Islands, Tahitian Creation Legend, Vaotere.

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